Guillaume Cloutier

This Canadian artist has a small number of works for sale on his Saatchi Art page HERE. I quite like these two, both decent sized:

BELOW: “Orion,” 30×40 inches, oil on canvas, US$430 available HERE.


BELOW: “Ion,” 24×30 inches, oil on canvas, US$320 available HERE.



Lea Burt

Continuing the Australian theme today… If you like native Australian flowers, you might like this sizeable watercolor (51cms square) by Lea Burt, available for AU$420 from Manly Gallery HERE.


David Sayer

I like Sayer’s mix of Australian urban and rural landscapes available from Art2Muse HERE. A few of the larger works are just a whisker above my budget, but I still found several affordable options that I really liked.

david-sayer-cross-roads-enmoreABOVE: “Cross Roads, Enmore Road,” 26×20 cms, oil on canvas, AU$390.

ABOVE LEFT: “Living above the hairdresser,” 30cms square, oil on canvas, AU$350. ABOVE RIGHT: “China Town Laneway,” 30cms square, oil on canvas, AU$300.

ABOVE LEFT: “The Red Container, Cooks River,” 20x30cms, oil on canvas, AU$350. ABOVE MIDDLE: “Dumpster Cooks River Terminal,” 30x50cms, oil on canvas, AU$600. ABOVE RIGHT: “The vacant lot between,” 20x26cms, oil on canvas, AU$350.

Rachel Howell

Howell is a Tasmanian artist I discovered on Blue Thumb. Her work is exceptionally good value, it’s almost unbelievable! Most of her gorgeous landscapes are already sold on Blue Thumb, but I’m posting a selection here regardless to give readers a sense of style and price.

BELOW: “Canoe bay,” 30×25 cms, oil on canvas, AU$180 from HERE. Still available at the time of writing.


BELOW: “Tasmanian landscape,” 92x60cms, oil on canvas, AU$199 from HERE (Sold).


BELOW: “Snow covered highlands,” 120x60cms, oil on canvas, AU$240 from HERE (Sold).


BELOW: “Horizon,” 120×60 cms, oil on canvas, AU$149 from HERE (Sold).


BELOW: “Fingal Valley,” 41×30 cms, oil on canvas, AU$99 from HERE (Sold).



Katy Holley

This Washington, USA, artist has an Etsy store called Katy Leigh Artistry, where there are currently 85 oil paintings for sale. There are still life, landscape, nude and portrait paintings on offer, ranging from (US) $16 to $524. The selection below are all still for sale at the time of writing.

BELOW LEFT: “Spring sunrise over the water – Puget Sound,” 36×24 inches, oil on canvas, US$325 from HERE. BELOW RIGHT:”Dark portrait of the somber musician – Matt Elliott,” 18 inch square, oil on canvas, US$448 from HERE.

BELOW LEFT: “Study of three vibrant red onions on a ledge,” 14×11 inches, oil on canvas, US$208 from HERE. BELOW RIGHT: “Dark macabre study of a sun bleached ram skull, white butterfly, small red flower,” 16×12 inches, oil on canvas, US$214 from HERE.

BELOW LEFT: “Husband deep in thought,”24×18 inches, oil on canvas, US436 from HERE. BELOW RIGHT: “Dark female nude study #5,” 20 inch square, oil on canvas, US$389 from HERE.

BELOW LEFT: “Dark memento mori with ram skull, pears, roses, butterfly, and perching bird,” 36×24 inches, oil on canvas, US$489 from HERE. BELOW RIGHT: “Anniversary morning misty sunrise – Dawn over Whidbey Island Field,” 16×12 inches, oil on canvas, US$215 from HERE.

Emma Targett

If you’re looking for large-scale, photo-realistic, floral paintings, but can’t afford the likes of Thomas Darnell or Marcella Kaspar, then might I suggest this Tasmanian artist, discovered on Australian art site Blue Thumb. Targett also has her own website (HERE) where the prices are currently cheaper, so do search around before deciding where to purchase.

BELOW: “Warm whispers,” 120×90 cms acrylic on canvas, AU$1030. All paintings from Blue Thumb, click HERE.


BELOW: “Red rose,” 40cm square acrylic on canvas, AU$380.


BELOW: “Iris,” 90×120 cms acrylic on canvas, AU$1030.




Ian Paul Shatilla

These portraits by Canadian artist, Ian Shatilla, caught my eye on Saatchi today. More of Shatilla’s portfolio can be seen at his own website HERE and he also has a teaching studio. Check out the website for that HERE.


  • “Max,” oil on paper, 22×30 inches, US$400 from HERE.
  • “Benoit,” oil on paper, 22×30 inches, US$400 from HERE.
  • “Dylan,” oil on paper, 22×30 inches, US$400 from HERE.
  • “Brooks,” oil on paper, 15×22 inches, US$300 from HERE.

Nathaniel Evans

San Francisco artist, Nathaniel Evans, was recently featured on Saatchi’s blog as “one to watch” (click HERE for the blog post) and has some rather dark works for sale on the site. I quite like the two I’ve chosen to highlight here, but check out more at his Saatchi Art page HERE. His own website can be found HERE.

BELOW LEFT: “Unfolding,” oil on canvas, 11×14 inches, US$350 from HERE. BELOW RIGHT: “Singer,” oil on canvas, 12 inches square, US$400 from HERE.

Sally Parnis

A former anaesthetist, Parnis graduated from Adelaide Central School of Art in 2010 and is represented by Hill Smith Gallery in Adelaide. A mixture of works from the gallery’s site and her own appear below. I’ve not listed any here, but she has veered into iPad drawings in recent times, with several prints available for sale HERE and HERE.

BELOW: “Window, Lit” oil on marine ply, 49x59cms, AU$930 from HERE


BELOW LEFT: “Two windows in a winter sky,” oil on marine ply, 35x40cms, AU$550 from HERE. BELOW RIGHT: “Window and door,” oil on marine ply, 35x40cms, AU$550 from HERE.

BELOW: “The restaurateur,” oil on linen, 60x90cms, AU$780 from HERE.


BELOW: “9th February: Irascible with muted greens,” oil on canvas on board (size not stated), AU$520 from HERE.